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    AAbout Us

    "I have had the privilege of playing some of the most exalted examples of arch-top guitars from the great masters of D'Angelico & D'Aquisto. While there are many arch-top guitar builders today, I believe Cris Mirabella's superior workmanship, comprehensive understanding of arch-top design, and phenomenal sonic palate uniquely position him to continue the legacy of D'Angelico/D'Aquisto while creating instruments to fill the needs of the 21st century guitarist."

    Steve Salerno (guitarist)

    The son of Frank Mirabella, a classical musician and graduate of Juilliard, as well as a lead designer and draftsman for Grumman and the space program and Johanna Mirabella, a medical nurse. Cristian's passion for guitar started with classical lessons at the age of five.

    By the age of eleven he had begun an apprenticeship in the construction and restoration of fine stringed instruments. It was during this time, the early 1980s, that he would be exposed and influenced, first hand by the talents of James D'Aquisto, as well as John Monteleone and others, including many of the noted New York players.

    The apprenticeship would last nearly fifteen years and would later recognize Cristian as one of if not the last guitar maker of the new generation of builders to have been schooled in this traditional form of luthier education. However, it was with a natural progression towards independence and the desire to offer his clients the best of his work, that Cristian opened Mirabella Guitars and Restorations in the fall of 1997.

    Today, with 30 years of experience, Cristian Mirabella is considered one of the premier builders of the new generation of luthiers as well as one of the top restorers of D'Angelico, D'Aquisto and golden era Gibson instruments.

    Mirabella Guitars continues the New York Tradition and style of building from which Cristian was raised, as well as incorporates Mirabella's own innovative ideas and designs. This balance, as well as the balance of visual art and acoustic science are reflected in each of the instruments Mirabella creates.

    "It is my hope to inspire players, pay homage to great builders of the past, create instruments flawless in their construction and design, and leave a lasting and meaningful contribution to the art of instrument making."

    Cristian Mirabella

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