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New York Times, May 4, 2008: A Career Born of a Love for Guitars

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Premier Guitar: Gallery - Healdsburg Guitar Festival 2011

Premier Guitar: Gallery - Montreal Guitar Show 2011

Fretboard Journal Talk Radio 28: Luthier Cris Mirabella

Archived Articles (Adobe Acrobat format)

20th Century Guitar: Koontz Triple Neck Restoration Article

20th Century Guitar: Mirabella Style O-1 Art Deco Custom Guitar Article

20th Century Guitar: D'Aquisto 'Gadget' Guitar Article

20th Century Guitar: The Resurrection of Pete Townsend's No. 6

Vintage Guitar: D'Angelico New Yorker Pickguard Article

Just Jazz Guitar: Interview with Cris Mirabella, August 2005

Guitar Player Magazine: Museum of Fine Arts Boston commissioned Mirabella reproduction 1954 D'Angelico pickguard

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